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Bringing Cloud Tools to a Provider-less Programming Language

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What are we making

Why Loop

Our vision of Loop is to provide new infrastructure specialists with a “one-stop shop” for most of the software-defined infrastructure tools that are used in home environments, and cloud services. Think of Load balancers, Infrastructure as Code, monitoring, and containerization.

These tools exist individually; However, having one language that handles different aspects of virtual infra all while having your application besides it is new. We like to call it infrastructure with code.

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three best pros

Easy to Use

Loop is made with ease of use in mind, it's primary target audience is just regular folk. Meaning that each design decision went into being easy!

Lightning Fast

Using Just-In-Time compilation, Loop is as fast as all your other favorite languages, but a lot more friendly

Cross Platform

You can use Loop anywhere! Including Windows, Mac & Linux. But also on multiple architectures, like x86_64 and ARM64